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Landlord Fees 


Fully Managed:  £150 per tenancy and then 10% of monthly rental income

Collect and remit the monthly rent received.
Pursue non-payment of rent and provide advice on rent arrears actions.
Deduct commission and other works.
Advise all relevant utility providers of changes.
Undertake two inspection visits per annum and notify landlord of the outcome.
Arrange routine repairs and instruct approved contractors (providing two quotes).
Hold keys throughout the tenancy term.
Deposit Bond in a relevant scheme.
Full Inventory Check.
Legionnaires Check.

Gold Service:  Tenant Find:  75% of rental income

Collect and remit initial months' rent received.
Provide tenant with method of payment.
Deduct any pre-tenancy invoices.
Make any HMRC deduction and provide tenant with the NRL8 (if relevant).
Deposit Bond in a relevant scheme.
Full Inventory Check.
Legionnaires Check.

Silver Service:  Tenant Find:   50% of rental income

As per Gold Service but without Full Inventory Check, Legionnaires Check or Bond.

Additional Non-Optional fees and charges - irrespective of level of service

Renewal Fee (landlords share): £30.00

Contract negotiation, amending and updating terms and arranging a further tenancy and agreement.


Checkout Fee (landlords share): Nil

Agree with the tenant check out date and time appointment.
Instruct inventory provider to attend.
Negotiate with landlord and tenant any disbursement of the security deposit.
Return deposit as agreed with landlord and tenant to relevant parties.
Remit any disputed amount to Scheme for final adjudication.
Unprotected security deposit.
Instruct contractors; obtain quotes; organise repairs / replacement / cost of any broken or missing items.

These prices exclude VAT. VAT at 20% needs to be added to the price shown.


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